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Our luxurious clinic contains everything you need to ensure you a good and safe treatment within the cosmetic specialty.


The clinic is centrally located on Søndre Jernbanevej in Hillerød, and it is equipped with
latest and safest equipment on the market and the surroundings are bright and friendly.

Loyalty discount

We greatly appreciate your trust in us at Klinik SaZen, which is why we reward our customers with a loyalty discount

How do I get the discount? When you have received treatment in our clinic three times, you will receive -20% on your botox treatments going forward.

How do I become a client of the clinic? To receive treatment, you need a consultation with our doctor. Subsequently, there will be a 2-day reflection period, and then we can start your treatment.
(Our loyalty discount cannot be combined with any events and campaigns)

Feel free to contact us for more info. You book your consultation here on the website, under booking.

We look forward to seeing you in the clinic.

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Botox and fillers for her

Botox and fillers for her

Botox and fillers for her

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Botox and fillers for him

Botox and fillers for him

Botox and fillers for him

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Before you can receive treatment with botulinum toxin and/or non-permanent filler,
You MUST have a consultation with either a doctor or a nurse.

Your consultation does not follow you as a customer and is therefore only valid in the clinic where you receive treatment.
This means that if you want to move clinic, you must also have a new consultation.

Subsequently, there will always be a 2-day reflection period, cf. current regulations in connection with cosmetic treatment.
You can read more about the rules for cosmetic treatment on the homepage - The board of Patient safety

Book your consultation HERE

We make sure you know what you're getting into

When you choose us to take care of your treatments, we always make sure to advise you
thoroughly and tell you in detail what you can expect from the treatment you intend to have carried out.

In this way, you are guaranteed that no unpleasant surprises will suddenly arise
in the form of unforeseen side effects or results you did not imagine.

In short, we promise you a good result that meets your expectations.


In our clinic, we are aware of the trust you place in our hands
both before, during and after a treatment.

Therefore, we have a strong focus on your wishes, any concerns you may have
and thoughts prior to a treatment.

WE OFFER FINANCING - Nordea 360account

- 0 interest
- 0 fees
- 0 payout
- minimum payment per month DKK 25
- split the payment up from 3-60 months

Contact SAZEN

We are ready to find the best treatment for you. You are welcome to contact us at 29110062.

You can also send us an email or you can book an appointment.


Wednesday d. 10/01 - 11AM - 1PM
Monday d. 22/01  - 3AM - 6PM
Monday d. 19/02 - 3AM - 6PM

Duration per consultation approx. 10 minutes

Effective treatment with immediate effect

After 2 treatments with the skin, I have already achieved incredibly good results against my pigment changes, and I can also see clear improvements in uneven skin.

My intermittent eczema, rashes, extreme redness and patchy dry skin is almost gone. My skin feels supple and healthy and has a lot of glow.

I can only give the best recommendations for skin treatment at SaZen.

I can highly recommend getting lips done at Sazen.

I received good advice and the treatment was a good experience 🌸 Stephanie who did my lips was super sweet and comfortable and my lips turned out just the way I wanted

🤩I will 100% come again 🥰.

Stephanie, who has SaZen, is super talented and sweet.

There is always control of things down to the smallest detail and the best guidance.

At Klinik SaZen, you really get a lot for your money

I have felt really safe and well treated by Stephanie.

So nice to have a clinic that listens to your wishes and needs

Parking info

In Hillerød municipality, 1 hour of free parking is offered.

You can park at the police station on the sloped parking lot, as well as parking at "Bag Haver" and the parking garage at IRMA.


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